Hannah W. Berns - COO of The Nursing Beat Lightning Interview

Billy:   The Nursing Beat has come to life and you have a front-row seat as COO, which is exciting! What are the basic elements that make up this great concept? Hannah: The Nursing Beat (TNB) is a nurse-driven media company that produces the only daily newsletter for nurses & allied healthcare professionals on the market.  We offer quick snippets of healthcare news, health tech, cutting-edge research, and new-to-market medications to keep busy healthcare professionals up to date. We give them resources for both their lives, both at and beyond, the bedside. We speak to nurses in our unique language and common vernacular, with our own jokes, which makes delivering and receiving news fun.  We've gotten such positive feedback from our community about the work we are doing that, after taking care of so many patients for so long, it's been an honor to give back to my nursing community through TNB. Billy:  You've been in the health care trenches and this industry can move fr

Expert Spotlight: Lightning Interview with David Contorno October 2019

October 18, 2019: Billy Nicolich (Executive Director of the Health Care Nudge Coalition) was able to meet informally with industry expert David Contorno . On behalf of the Health Care Nudge Coalition, many thanks to David for spending a little bit of time with us, and fielding our lightning interview. We hope that students and innovators in health care will become more familiar with David's work and his perspective. Billy: In your interview with Dr. Zeev Neuwirth on his “Creating a New Healthcare” podcast , you mention how you have been out there creating better value-based employer health plans, which is fantastic. In what ways have you been scaling this out? David: I've been scaling out in two ways. One, I do a lot of writing and speaking. All that I apply to health plans is common sense. If you just get people to think and act a little differently, they can often do it on their own. But, some are scared. So, we work with them and help them directly. My speaking, writing

Expert Spotlight: Lightning Interview with Aline Holzwarth

May 28, 2019: Bill (Executive Director of the Health Care Nudge Coalition) was recently able to meet informally with industry expert Aline Holzwarth, who shared her thoughts in the "lightning interview" below on her participation in applied behavioral economics and what she's been up to lately: Bill: Would it be fair to say that you got into behavioral economics before it was cool? What was your path into the field? Aline: Haha, I'd say it's always been "cool" -- there just weren't as many people following it. In the days before Predictably Irrational or Nudge, the field was basically a subset of psychology called JDM (which stands for Judgment & Decision Making), and only later became recognized en masse as behavioral economics. If you think about it, "behavioral economics" is clearly the catchier phrase between the two, which just goes to show the importance of how you market your science. I initially studied psychology at Reed

Welcome to the Coalition

Health Care Nudge is a coalition of health care innovators and allies, with a focus of those that apply behaviorally-informed solutions to solve pressing problems in helath care systems around the world. Growing List of Health Care Innovation Programs: UPenn Master of Health Care Innovation Copenhagen Business School MSc in Business Administration and Innovation in Health Care Ohio State Master of Health Care Innovation Arizona State Online Master of Healthcare Innovation John Hopkins University Masters in Global Health Innovation St. Thomas Master of Health Care Innovation Harvard Innovating Health Care Cross-disciplinary Allies: University of Chicago Masters in Behavioral Economics UPenn Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences University of Toronto Behavioral Economics in Action at Rotman Carnegie Mellon Master of Science in Health Care Policy & Management Carnegie Mellon MBA Health Care Policy and Management Organizational Allies: