Hannah W. Berns - COO of The Nursing Beat Lightning Interview

Billy: The Nursing Beat has come to life and you have a front-row seat as COO, which is exciting! What are the basic elements that make up this great concept?

Hannah: The Nursing Beat (TNB) is a nurse-driven media company that produces the only daily newsletter for nurses & allied healthcare professionals on the market. 

We offer quick snippets of healthcare news, health tech, cutting-edge research, and new-to-market medications to keep busy healthcare professionals up to date. We give them resources for both their lives, both at and beyond, the bedside. We speak to nurses in our unique language and common vernacular, with our own jokes, which makes delivering and receiving news fun. 

We've gotten such positive feedback from our community about the work we are doing that, after taking care of so many patients for so long, it's been an honor to give back to my nursing community through TNB.

Billy: You've been in the health care trenches and this industry can move frustratingly slow. What keeps you upbeat? What's a little change you'd make overnight if you could? 

Hannah: During my eleven years of working in the hospital setting, and even now in the business & "nursepreneurial" worlds I'm in, my nursing & healthcare communities keep me so upbeat. Nursing is such a dynamic profession, and there is always something to learn from a colleague or a patient. I find the healthcare industry intellectually stimulating. 

If I could make a change overnight in the healthcare industry, it would be to improve communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals. A smoother and more efficient flow of information between different departments and care providers would lead to better-coordinated patient care, reduce errors, and enhance overall patient satisfaction. Additionally, I would advocate for implementing technologies that streamline administrative tasks, freeing up more time for direct patient care and improving the overall efficiency of the healthcare system.

Billy: What's ahead for you, and what would you like people to know about?

Hannah: Last year, my team and I were in a mad dash to conceptualize The Nursing Beat and bring it to life. This year, it has been a pleasure to slow down and spend time with our community. We're truly on a mission to listen to nurses everywhere and bring them the content & resources they find helpful that enhances their life, professionally, or personally. 

Ultimately, we want TNB to be the resource that all nurses turn to - no matter where they are in their career, what their specialty is, or if they are based in the hospital or not. The Nursing Beat is the pulse of healthcare ultimately connecting, informing, and empowering our community.


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